Courses for the beginner and experienced alike

Casting Courses

We we set out to learning something, it's always best to have a plan or a structure, especially went it's a skill like fly casting that has both mental and physical aspects. The courses outlined below are broken down into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

The Basic level is intended for the newcomer to the sport who has little or no experience casting a fly. The Basic Spey casting courses are intended for newcomers to that style of casting, though they may be experienced overhead casters.

The Intermediate level is intended for anglers who have the basic skills mastered, but wish to add capability or improve on what they already know.

The Advanced level would best fit experienced anglers who need a second pair of eyes to help them fine tune their skills or add advanced level casts.

Please review this course list for one that suits you. You can book a course through email or contact me directly at 905-768-8010.

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