I retired in 2011 and ever since I've been a bit of a fishing bum. I run a very small fly fishing business where I teach and guide, plus promote product. If you're interested to see how that side of my life looks like, check out my Hooked4life website.

My street photography started in 1969 in London where I bought a well used Agfa Isolate III for the massive sum of £6. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the film for it on my paltry salary, so that early start was aborted.

On moving to Montreal in the early 80's I received a Pentax K1000 as a gift and during my lunch hour, I patrolled the streets of the city, camera in hand.

During the latter half of that decade into the early 90's I was a semi-pro photographer where my work consisted mostly of corporate environmental portraiture, business photojournalism and stock.

As the business side took over, the street photography once again fell off. It enjoyed a brief resurgence in the late 90's while working in Toronto. Since then it has been a bit of a hit and miss, up until I acquired my first mirrorless camera. From that point on my street photography has continually been on the increase.

Now years later, with my love of the medium re-energized, I'm expanding on my street photography with this website. I hope you find it of interest.
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