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Recently I’ve added some advertising to the Hooked4life website using Google’s Adsense. I’ve made liberal use of their ad blocking tools to keep the ads as pertinent as possible to fishing. We will see the occasional ad that has absolutely no connect to fishing, but the majority should be about or somewhat related to our sport. The approach I’ve taken will probably reduce my ad revenues, but I didn’t want totally irrelevant and controversial ads (Viagra!!) constantly popping up and annoying visitors. As I’ve limited the type of ads, there will be repetition of the same ads on multiple pages and that lack of variety does reduce the revenues. It also blocks some of the best revenue producing types, such as truck ads, but unfortunately those business ads also came with controversial ones like ones promoting Keystone. It was all or nothing, so I selected the ‘nothing’ choice.

Keeping the website going costs a few hundred dollars a year in hosting fees and software. The ads will offset these costs, which will free up more money for fishing tackle. ;) I’m sure you can understand that rational.

If you have any constructive feedback on the use of ads, I’d like to
hear it.