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Affinity Photo

From the day it came out, I've been a fan of Apple's Aperture, but Apple in its infinite wisdom is discontinuing the product. I had to start thinking of additional photo tools as the improvements pipeline for Aperture has had its tap firmly shut.

Never been a PhotoShop fan as I found it overly complicated, with a patchwork of features, and a lot of the good stuff I needed scattered all over the place. Ditto for PS Elements, it being just a simplified version of an overly complicated software.

A few months ago I tripped across Affinity Photo beta and started playing with it. The first release is available
so check it out.

Very clean, very efficient so I bought it along with Affinity Designer for vector graphics work. One of the nice things, it groups tools under personas so that the normal adjustment tools I'd be using in Aperture can be found under the Develop persona. Nice and tidy.

Since its RAW tools are very powerful, plus the various creative tools work better with a RAW master, I've shifted back to using RAW in one camera body, my XE-1. All auto and adjustment functions are off as I'll deal with all adjustments in post. My X20 is left on JPG with auto functions operating, as it gets used for family events more than anything else. Having one body assigned to creative work and another to record shots, reduces the odds of having the wrong things left on or off.

Fujifilm does a great job with its internal processor of removing lens distortion, lateral CA and fringing, with only a tiny price to pay in the final output of its JPG image. With Affinity Photo, the same controls are quickly accessed and used so that I can shoot in RAW, correct lens distortion easily, then continue on with the rest of my editing. This software is turning me back into a RAW user.

Best of all, Affinity Photo is cheap. So if you're a Mac user with a distaste for PhotoShop, check out Affinity Photo​.

I have no affiliation with Affinity Photo. I just think that it is a cool product.