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Airflo Delta II WF Spey line

The Airflo Delta II WF Spey line

I've mainly been fishing Scandi and Skagit heads this fall so it was nice to be out with a WF Spey line.

Airflo Delta II is a redesign of the old mint coloured Deltas and it rolls together both the Delta and the Delta Long in concept.

At the 7/8 wt. end of the scale, the head is only 51' long, but it goes up in 5' increments up to 66' for the 10/11 wt. This way the length of the head matches the most likely length of the rod being used to cast it. The line also comes in a full line and a head version which you can attach to your favourite running line.

Yesterday I used a 10' fast sink Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader, which the line turned over with ease.

In this day and age where everyone wants a shooting head, having a longer line in cold weather keeps the ice off the guides and the cold water/ice away from the hands.