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Airflo single hand lines for Spey casting

Spey casting is an ever growing part of the sport and fly line companies have produced a plethora of two-hand Spey casting product to cater this demand. What can get overlooked though is the number of Airflo single hand lines on the market that are also excellent Spey casting tools. These lines meet the Spey casting requirements for both single handed rods and the lighter ranges of switch rods.

While these single hand lines may not have been originally designed for Spey casting, their tapers are ideal for loading rods with a Spey casting D-Loop. These lines all have fine, long front tapers and thick, heavy bellies that are essential for a good Spey cast.

Usually the Spey line market focuses on floating and sinktip applications, but these Airflo lines are available in densities ranging from floater all the way down to Type 7 which will reach depths that for sinktip anglers exists only in their fishing fantasies.

To make our lives easier when selecting a single hand line for our lighter switch rods, Airflo is now listing the head weights for all of these lines along with the rest of the taper specifications. All of the graphics shown in this post originate from the
Airflo USA website.

The old Airflo Delta taper is at the heart of many of these lines and it's worth taking a minute to look at how this taper is constructed. The modern equivalent of the Delta taper is the Sixth Sense line that is Airflo's main stillwater product. Here's what that taper looks like:

If I hadn't already mentioned that this was a single hand line meant for stillwater fishing, most experienced Spey casting anglers would've assumed that this was a new Spey casting line being introduced to the market. If this taper looks familiar, well the original Delta Spey line was based on it. The line's fine tip, long front taper, and thick, heavy belly places the weight where we want it in our D-Loop. Any line with this sort of profile will Spey cast well.

So here's a rundown of all of the Airflo Lines that will Spey cast efficiently:

Sixth Sense:
Based on the old Delta taper, this line has a 46' long head that makes it a long belly of sorts for single hand rods and many would consider it long even for a switch rod. It's a great finesse line, plus it's available in a variety of densities from floater, slow and fast intermediate, down to Type 3, 5, and 7. The range also includes a Camo intermediate version for use in weedy waters. It's available in line weights from 5/6 to 8/9 and head grain weights from 210 to 350.


Super-DRI River & Stream:
This line uses the same Delta taper as does the Sixth Sense line, however it is available in single line ratings from 3 wt. to 9 wt. and 140 to 345 grains. It's primarily intended as a finesse presentation line that utilizes a haul zone (the olive section) for superior distance casting. It also makes use of the new Super-DRI high float technology for better dry fly performance.


Super-DRI Distance Pro:
This line is Airflo's long belly, distance casting offering and its long, 15' front taper coupled with a long belly section makes it ideal as a long belly Spey line for longer single hand rods and light switch rods. The line is available in 5 wt. to 9 wt. sizes and head weights from 270 to 490 grains. It features the high float Super-DRI technology with haul zone.


Streamer Max - Short:
While this full sink + intermediate + floater running line setup doesn't look like a good Spey line, it actually does the job reasonably well and it's an excellent line for cold, fast and deep presentations. It's available in 5 wt. to 10 wt. from 160 to 380 grains.


Beach Line:
For saltwater use we have the short head Beach Line that is available in sizes 6 wt. to 8 wt. (also a 5 wt. in intermediate) and comes in floater, fast intermediate and Type 7 densities. Head weights range from 250 to 320 grains plus 190 for the 5 wt. Don't be afraid to use this one in fresh water when we need a short head design.


Super-DRI 40+ Line:
Finally the gold standard for single hand Spey casting, the 40+ line. This line has the head weight and the taper to really get the Spey casting job done. It's available in sizes 5 wt. to 9 wt. and from 245 to 365 grains. It comes in floater, fast intermediate, down to Type 3, 5, and 7. I've probably caught more fish on the 40+ and its variants than any other line type.


So we can see from this review that Airflo makes an extensive range of single hand lines that are great for Spey casting, that encompass short to long belly designs and densities from floater to Type 7. If we need to Spey cast with a single hand line, these are the ones to go to.