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Armed Practice

Just want to talk about this a little more. Went out again today with the 15 footer, a small, unweighted fly and fished a run with little expectation of a fish -- what I call ‘armed practice’.

“Why bother” one might ask, but it gave me an opportunity to iron out a few minor hiccups in the long belly casting stroke. When there’s little expectation of fish being in the run, it’s easier to concentrate on getting the line out there cleanly.

Since I fish using all three styles of Spey casting, sometimes a legacy of one style affects another, as it did this morning. Paying more attention to casting than fishing had it sorted within a few casts.

It’s tough to practice with a fluffy during fishing season when we want to fish and it’s tough to concentrate on polishing casting proficiency when we know that there are fish in the run. So some ‘armed practice’ in the early season when the fishing expectations are low lets us fish and practice at the same time.