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Ashley Rae fishes the Grand River

Here's a great write-up and photos from Ashley Rae of SheLovesToFish.com on her time in Haldimand County, including a morning spent with me, fly fishing the Grand River.

We got off to a fairly early start a 8:00 AM to chase smallies in the Seneca Park area in Caledonia. I think the fish were having an early morning lay-in as the initial bit was fairly slow. We went through various techniques, including topwater that attracted takes from small fish who managed to avoid the hook. We then progressed through woolly buggers and crayfish patterns until the smallies started getting active. Even a walleye got in on the act. Ashley was only a little bit rusty with the fly rod and it cam back quickly.

As is typical of fishing trips anywhere, Murphy showed up. The fishing had been slow so I switched over to a crayfish pattern that always produces. I made one cast to demonstrate how to present it and I hookup with a smallie that immediately goes airborne and chucks the hook. Of course, that would be it for the fly as it's mojo had been drained. It didn't produce a fish for Ashley, eventually succumbing to a rock.

Despite the somewhat slow morning, we caught some fish, had a few laughs and some fun, which is what it is all about.