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Back to trout fishing

With all the bass and steelhead I've been chasing these past years, I've kinda neglected resident trout. So lately I've been trying to rectify this omission.
A little while back they stocked the Grand with 6" to 10" browns and at first these little guys behave like they're still in the pen. Lately however they're starting to behave like wild trout by getting selective.

Grey Foxes were coming off and the duns were drifting majestically downstream. The swallows were having a field day with them, but I only saw one dun picked off by a trout. All around me, the trout started taking the emergers.

At first there wasn't much activity so I dead drifted a PT nymph. Had a few hookups, landed a couple, but things weren't spectacular for a river full of stockers. Saw the emerger activity start and began rummaging through the fly box for something close.

Dead drift didn't produce, swung 6" or more down didn't produce, moved or jiggled didn't produce -- unless the fly was abut an inch or so under. Jiggling or lifting a fly a little bit under the surface produced hits and hookups, but still not fantastic results. So I switched to a dark Cahill wet fly and stripped it back in very short jerks. On the second cast, BOOM! 18" brown to hand, followed by a few dozen hookups of his smaller cousins.

Just needed to keep that Cahill wet moving an inch or so down and they were whacking it, sometimes four or five hits on the same swing.
I had forgotten just how much fun this could be. . .