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Two Weeks in Cape Cod

Or as it should be know as, "
Two Weeks of the Long Wind".

In 2015 I had brought one spinning rod as in previous years, wind had ruined some days. I wanted at least one spinning rod backup that would allow me to continue fishing despite the wind. I had so much fun with it that after the trip I went out and bought more.

This year I went with four fly rods and four spinning rods. It was just as well that I did, for it blew and blew and blew and blew.

The fishing was tremendous if we go by numbers, but not impressive if we go by size. My largest bass was only 24", but I did manage one blue of 32". However the 12" to 18" fish made up for the lack of size in sheer quantity. We had a few days where we were both well into double digits. I probably caught equal numbers on fly and spinning gear, but the wind had me using the latter more often. One schoolie fest made for the bulk of my fly caught fish.

When using spinning gear, most of the fish came on either the smaller Shimano Waxwings, with the Bunker and Sand Eel colours getting the most attention, or a Jackall SK-POP Grande popper. The latter was a hoot on the quiet, small bays as the schoolies smashed it with gusto.

The best flies were my sand eel pattern and a little peanut bunker style clouser that I borrowed from Greg. I'll have to tie some of those for next year.

Here's the list of what I had brought along.

Fly Rods & Reels:
  • PRO4x 7' 6" 9/10wt. ShortStix & Danielsson LW 8twelve
  • PRO4x 9' 9 wt. & Danielsson LW 8twelve
  • PRO4x 9' 9/10wt. Predator & Danielsson HD 9thirteen
  • Crosscurrent 11' 3" 10 wt. beach rod & Danielsson HD 9thirteen

Spinning Rods & Reels
  • Greenwater GLX 7' MH & Shimano Stradic FK 4000
  • Greenwater Fiber Blend 8' 2" Mega-Medium & Shimano Saragosa SW 5000
  • IMX Surf 8' MH & Shimano Spheros SW 6000
  • IMX Surf 10' 6" M & Shimano Ultegra CI4+ 5500

I spent more time shooting video than stills, so there are slim pickings for the blog, nevertheless here's a few.