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Cape Cod 2017

Another two weeks in Cape Cod has come and gone. This year it was an absolute fish fest with huge numbers of schoolies being caught off the beach. We did get into some larger fish, but nothing in the 30" and above range. I finished the trip with 2 X 28", a 26", a 24" and a bunch in the 18" to 22" range. Can't really complain about that.

As was typical of this spring and early summer, the weather was for the most part, windy, wet and cold. Most of the time I opted for spinning gear while Greg stuck to the fly rod and left his conventional tackle in the cottage. I'm having so much fun with my G. Loomis saltwater spinning rods, with the matching Shimano reels, that I really don't feel much compulsion to dig out the fly gear unless the conditions are nice. I did get one of the 28" fish on a fly, but I mucked up the photo.

Here's a sample of the fish and the scenery:

Greg with nice fish

Here's Greg with a nice fish. Note the use of a floating line. Greg has used a floater quite a bit lately with good success.


Here's one of my 28" fish, caught on a Jackall Bowstick. This is a freshwater, walk-the-dog, stickball that I modified by removing the three freshwater trebles and replacing them with two saltwater singles. The change in hooks did change the action somewhat with the lure behaving more erratically, walking only some of the time. In choppy water it was an absolute hoot to use as it would dive and jump, darting here and there. The fish were whacking it with a vengeance, knocking it as much as 2' into the air if they failed to hook up. The hits without hookups were as much fun as the hookups. I was casting the lure along the edges of a sporadic blitz when this fish hooked up.


This 24" bass was also taken on a topwater lure, I just forget which one. It might have been on the Bowstick as well as that lure accounted for a lot of fish.


Again a topwater hookup, this time with a conventional striped bass popper. This 26" bass sucked the popper down with hardly any disturbance. The popper went from being there to not being there.

taking abreak

I hate to be hot when fishing so I tend to under-dress, but this day I went a bit too far with the light clothing and had to go take a break to warm up. The gear in the picture: G. Loomis 8' 2" Greenwater rod, Shimano Saragosa SW5000 reel loaded with 20 lb. PowerPro line, and a Shimano Waxwing lure in Bunker colours. The Waxwings have been very productive for me when I went subsurface with the presentation. My best results came on a slow retrieve.


There is always something to discover. We were slowly fishing our way back to the parking lot, when I spotted the slick visible across the picture, just in front of where Greg is standing.

The slick was an outflow from a little river on the falling tide. I could see in it all of the weedy debris from the river being washed out. On the first cast to the slick I had hits and eventually landed a nice 22" fish, losing a couple more in the same range. I waved Greg over for him to fish it as well and he waded out to where you see him in the picture. Up until that point, the beach had yielded only one small hit, but the slick held quite a few fish.

I'll be looking for these slicks from now on.

And now for some scenery:


Sunset over a jetty.


Moonrise over the beach.