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Casting vs. Fishing

A couple of years ago, I bought a trout rod without first trying it. I knew the series well and liked all that I had tried so I had no qualms about buying it untested. But when I got it home and strung it up, I had to say that I was really underwhelmed. I pride myself in being able to cast pretty well any fly rod and be able to fine a line for them, but this one seemed to not like anything. It was either too light or too heavy, with too little feel, or too little power. It seemed to do nothing well.

A lot of money went into the rod so I started kicking around ideas on how to convert it into something more useful, but two years later it still was collecting dust in my rod rack. I was starting to feel a bit guilty about it.

Anyway, yesterday I took it fishing for the first time and I should’ve done that two years ago. What a little dream to fish. Won’t win any distance contests and won’t cast a popper into a gale, but what a sweet dry fly rod.

The mistake I had made when test casting it was to take it beyond its comfort range. It’s designed to cast and manage line over normal trout fishing distances and do so with great finesse. It just isn’t designed to work comfortably beyond that distance.

Bottom line: never pronounce final judgment on a rod until it’s fished.