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Nothing ruins our results as much as loss of confidence. When we run into a dry spell, it will only get worse if we walk up to the water thinking it’ll be another day without a fish. With that negativity in place, subtle changes insinuate themselves into our game. We stop paying attention. The cast and swing becomes just chuck ’n’ chance it.

There’s one pool I like that alway holds a few fish once the temperatures drop around freezing. My results over the previous few weeks had been spotty with only a handful of fish hooked up, but none in this pool. I’m casting into the pool, not with my usual confidence, but with an air of defeat for it had failed me two weeks running. I knew the fish were there for the occasional one would tease me with a pull or two.

Unwittingly my down mood had resulted in me not fishing the pool in my normal cold weather fashion. I like to fish this pool around mid depth with the fly moving slowly and angled upstream. Instead I was swinging it broadside, a bit quicker and lower than usual evidenced by all the rocks being whacked. I was just chucking it out there without angling the cast properly nor managing the swing. When the penny penetrated the negative fog and finally dropped, I backed up 20’ or so, cast the correct angle, managed the swing properly and had a fish hooked within three or four casts. I had covered that fish on two previous trips down the pool without a pluck. As I continued down, I missed two others on aggressive takes just to prove that the first fish wasn’t a fluke. Shedding the defeatist attitude and paying attention made all the difference.