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Corporate Fly Fishing Event

Ray at First Cast Fly Shop arranged for a corporate event to be held n a private stretch of the upper Credit River. We had eight real estate guys out to try their hands at fly fishing. Unfortunately the river was high, dirty and blown, but we managed anyway. Everyone got a chance to try a fly rod, see what it is all about and get an appreciation of the sport.

Tim our host, kept us fed and watered, providing us with some serious chicken sandwiches. The facility was excellent, being just a little grassy spot beside the river with a picnic table, deck and chairs to keep everyone comfortable.

I went through a bit of the history of the sport, the essentials of the tackle, the flies and a rundown of all of the different species we can chase with a fly rod. I had a selection of Loomis rods, including a 15’ 7/8 wt. GreasedLiner, an NRX 9’ 12 wt. saltwater stick, a little NRX LP 3wt. plus a PRO-4X 5 wt. and an 8 wt. Shore Stalker bass rod. I used these rods to demonstrate all of the different ways we can fly fish for different species, illustrating that the sport is more than just little trout on little creeks.

We wrapped up the session with some hands on casting, including two guys who actually swung a streamer using the NRX 3 wt. The fish didn’t cooperate though.

All-in-all a good day.

Credit River event 1

Credit River event 2

Credit River event 3

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