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Dry Spells

It happens to everyone who fishes -- a dry spell where we can’t hook a thing. Anyone who claims never to have had a dry spell either has a weak (selective) memory or fishes so little that the dry spell was unnoticeable. It happens to us all. Our reactions to it however, determine how long or short it will be.

It’s especially problematic with migratory species that we can’t see for we never really know if they are there. Resident species are always there, they’re just not biting our offerings, but when fishing for migratories, we can be casting to empty water.

If our past methods worked, then they will work again. Sometimes it takes a few little tweaks, but perseverance is usually all that takes to cure the problem.

The worse thing we can do is to over react and start making major changes to our methods and tackle. That will just extend the dry spell as we’ll have no idea as to what will work and what won’t. Changes should be made incrementally so we can access their effects. Wholesale changes turns it into guess work. It’s better to stick with what has worked before.