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End of the Season

Our local river closes down on December 31st and won’t reopen until the fourth Saturday in April. While there are still some rivers in Ontario where the season remains open, my fishing is more or less shut down until spring.

Fall 2011 produced an excellent run of fish in the Grand, fall 2012 not so much. On some days there were significant amounts of fish and people chalked up some big numbers, but for much of the season is was a fish or two here and there. Very low water (below usual summertime lows) and clearer than usual conditions made for some tough sledding.

In 2013 I think I’ll turn back the clock and start tying some old style patterns just as a change of pace. They worked decades ago and they’ll work today. We put too much emphasis on having the right fly when it’s really a case of an aggressive fish meeting a well presented fly. Our choice of flies says more about us than anything else. I think it will be cool to catch fish on old style flies with nothing more than a floater and long leader. Makes for an enjoyable change of pace, even when the fish don’t cooperate.

So Happy New Year to everyone and every fishing success in 2013.