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First Cast Fly Shop - Learn to Fly Fish

It’s been a busy week having run three Learn to Fly Fish courses for The First Cast Fly Shop in Guelph. We run the course on the brown trout section of the Grand River between Belwood Lake and Fergus.

Yesterday the weather was brutally hot, but we managed to get in a full day, lubricated with lots of water to keep us hydrated and comfortable. I’m looking forward to fall courses when it’s cooler.

The courses went very well with everyone having the opportunity to try nymphing, stripping streamers, and swinging wets. With no rising fish, there wasn’t much opportunity for dries, though the method was demonstrated to an imaginary rising fish.

Everyone picked up the casting very quickly so we could move on to the actual fishing. We went through the tackle, the flies, the fishing methods, techniques like mending, and the knots. It was a real pleasure to watch everyone fishing effectively by the end of the session.

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