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Grand River Spey Clave

This Saturday and Sunday is the Grand River Spey Clave held at Brant Conservation Area. This year will be different and a sadder affair as Randy Wilson, the organizer, is in hospital recovering from a serious stroke. We all wish Randy the best and the clave will go on, though the burgers won’t taste the same without Randy flipping them.

Steelhead season seems to be getting off to a slow start for us. Despite enjoying two drift trips courtesy of Rick Whorwood, we only seemed to be able to score bass. Last time out we were always late to the party, finding out that someone else had just caught fish in the run we were approaching. Of course, we struck out as the fish were no longer in the mood.

We’re also taking a drift trip this Friday with Dec Hogan, again courtesy of Rick Whorwood, so we’re all hoping our fish catching luck changes.