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Grand River Trifecta

Hit the Grand River Trifects today: two bass, one walleye and a very feisty steelhead hen, all on the same fly.

The bass and walleye were frankly ridiculous. As I swung through the zone in this one particular run, it was bang, bang, bang as I swung through. I'm of the "wait for the weight" persuasion so I'm not setting the hook. Those three hooked themselves. Just as well as I wasn't there for bass and walleye. Nice fish though and I would have no problem catching those bass mid summer.

The hen was landed in a different run. No pics as I landed it mid river and it was far from being done, still very green, so I just released it. Missed another one in the same run. Amazing how they can hit the fly hard a couple of times and still managed to miss the hook. If it was my finger, it would be a different story.

The nice part of the day though was the on and off snow. Don't know why, but I love fishing when it snows. Driving in it is a different matter . . .

Gear for the day: G. Loomis NRX 14' 8/9. Airflo Delta II 8/9, Airflo Fast Sink Poly, 8' of FC and an Emerald Shiner tube.