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Hydrodynamics of the Swung Fly

Do you know what your fly is doing when you're not looking?

Short of swimming after it, is there any way we can cast and swing our fly with reasonable confidence that it is doing what we hoped?

Yes there is. A basic understanding of the hydrodynamic affects of current on our lines, sinktips, leaders and flies allows us to move beyond just chucking it out there and hoping for the best. With reasonable certainty we can make predictions on what the fly is actually doing and make changes to our tackle with a clear idea of what those changes will do.

Back in college, I took fluid dynamics, so it's finally time to put it to some use. :)

I'm offering a Workshops on the River, Understanding Hydrodynamic Affects on the Swung Fly at Bean Park, Paris, Ontario, Sunday, October 26th between 1:00PM and 3:00PM, cost $20.00

Please register at info@hooked4life.ca

Hope to see you there . . .