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Last Year's Flies

This is a weird phenomenon, but it has held true every year. Last year’s flies don’t work. In the fall of 2011 I had a fantastic run of fishing using a couple of patterns that I developed. This year those same patterns have produced their share of pulls, plucks and on the dangle takes, but precious few hook ups. The fish just aren’t taking them with any gusto.

I’ve had the same thing happen in past years where a favourite pattern produces well for only one season. In 2010 it was the Willie Gunn fly that did all the damage, but it didn’t get a sniff in 2011. Further back in 2009, the Yellowtail was the favourite, but it batted an o’fer in 2010.

Looks like a spell at the tying desk is in order to produce another one season wonder - before the season is over.