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Line advice from the Internet

Had a discussion about lines and Internet advice the other day with one of my friends while sipping Tim Horton’s coffee. He was frustrated about the ‘he said, she said’ nature of these discussions, with huge differences in what is being recommended. The questions about lines are a dime-a-dozen on Internet forums, “What line should be bought for such ‘n’ such a rod.” goes the question, followed by a barrage of responses, the range of which seem to make little sense.

Take my 14’ - 9 DTX for example. I like an 8/9 line on that rod. Some people would prefer a 9/10 while a few might even like a 10/11. The rod handles them all, but what would be the right choice for each person?

Casting stroke has everything to do with line preferences. Someone with a fast, compact, efficient Underhand would probably prefer the 8/9. Another angler who uses 90% top hand might prefer the 10/11. A beginner, or someone who just casts poorly, might prefer the 10/11. I like the 8/9 provided I use a short, compact, efficient Underhand delivery. If I broaden out my stroke, the 9/10 works just as well. Go really broad and slow, then a 10/11 feels just as nice. It’s all in the length and speed of the casting stroke.

Something to keep in mind the next time a line question comes up.