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The great range of lines that a PRO-4X switch rod will handle

Just back from the river after fishing the Loomis PRO-4X 11'6 " 9 wt. switch rod using an Airflo 40+ 9 wt. line. I was Spey casting this line despite its light weight and had no problem exceeding 80'.

It just goes to show how broad a range these rods actually have. The 40+ is very Scandi-like and the rod is rated for a 460 Scandi head. My 40+ 9 wt. weighs in around 365-375. Despite that huge discrepancy, the rod handled it just fine. I was using mostly Snake Rolls and Double Speys to cast a 15' fluorocarbon leader and a Black Nosed Dace pattern tied on a copper tube. This was hardly an ideal terminal rig for that line as the anchor had to be very precise to get that copper tube fly out of the water. Obviously a heavier line would've handled it more easily, but that wasn't the point.

I like to push the envelope with my tackle to discover the limits as to what is actually practical and fishable. Ideally I would be overhead casting this combination, but this session proved that I could alternate between the two casting types without any significant issues.

Oh ya, the important stuff: lost two steelhead and landed three smallmouth. All the bass were a cookie-cutter 2 lbs. and put a real nice bend in that 9 wt.

My decision to use a short tube fly cost me with the steelhead though as neither one got enough of the hook. I had longer tubed versions in my fly wallet, just not on the end of my line where I needed them.

Next time!