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Little rods, little fish

Every now and again I need a reminder on how much fun it is to catch trout in a little stream with a little rod.

Went out recently with a 3 wt. and some dries to work over a little brookie stream. As usual, the little buggers were happy to oblige, bashing virtually every offering I tossed out there. The favourite though was the Henryville Special. These flies were very old, having been tied around 15 years ago and by now they were very ratty. Nevertheless, the brookies smacked them with gusto.

Some used a tactic that is always fun to watch. They’d leap out of the water and come down on top of the fly. Usually they missed it, but it was fun to watch.

The highlight of the trip though was the little Atlantic who put on quite an aerial display for a fish that was only about seven inches long. There’s been an ongoing attempt to stock Lake Ontario with Atlantic salmon that has met with varied success. The lake was originally home to millions of salmon, but dams and deforestation wiped out both their access and the quality of their breeding sites. Like the passenger pigeon, they went from millions to nothing. Unlike the pigeon, we have the opportunity to restore these fish. Perhaps one day we can dispense with the stocking of Pacific species.