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G. Loomis Switch rod 11' 6" - 9 wt. First Impressions

Had the rod out for the first time yesterday, fishing the Cattaraugus Creek in western NY near Buffalo. For a line, I was using an Airflo Compact Skagit 510 grain with 10’ of CCT 200 (T10) for a sinktip and Airflo Ridge running line.

The fish weren’t as co-operative as we would have liked, but the rest was fun.

I fished the rod for about six hours using an assortment of casts, mostly right hand Perry Pokes and Skagit Doubles, plus left hand Downstream Perry Pokes and Doubles so this gave a good taste of what the rod can do.


It’s very light in the hand and the 510 Compact Skagit provided a light, but definite load. The rod cast the line with authority, so the lightness of the feel should not be mistaken for a lack of load. Those who prefer a heavier feel might like the 540 instead.

The action is rated by Loomis as having a moderate fast power and a medium stiff action. In practice this means that the rod has a progressive action that will bend to the cork, yet it is neither soft nor a noodle. It definitely has some backbone. This action makes it very easy to hold the load through the sweep of sustained anchor casts.

Don’t let the 9 wt. rating fool you. The 9 wt. switch rod rating is equivalent to a 7/8 Spey so this is definitely not a heavy rod. It’s certainly not too much rod for steelhead and it let’s us cast the bigger lines to handle heavier tips and flies on creeks and smaller rivers.

This rod has the power to cover the vast majority of Great Lakes tributaries plus the power to handle the bigger, heavier flies. It is between a Spey and a switch rod in size so think of it as a 7/8 Spey in a shorter package.

I’ll be posting more on this rod as I spend more time with it.