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New G. Loomis PRO-4X rods

G. Loomis recently announced a large expansion of its PRO-4X rod lineup. The switch rod lineup has been increased by filling the gaps with even numbered line weights. So now the range covers from 4 wt. to 9 wt. Two new light Speys have been added, a light presentation trout series, a light Short Stix and a 12 wt. saltwater rod.

Here’s the complete list:

Switch Rods:
10’6” 4 wt.
11’ 6 wt.
11’6” 8 wt.

Spey Rods:
12’6” 5/6 wt.
12’6” 6/7 wt.

Short Stix:
7’6” 7/8 wt. (3 piece)

Light Presentation Trout:
6’9” 2 wt. LP (3 piece)
7’6” 3 wt, LP
8’6” 4 wt. LP
9’ 5 wt. LP

9’ 7 wt.
9’ 12 wt.

All rods are four piece except where noted.

Check them out on the
G. Loomis website.