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Fishing and Casting the G. Loomis PRO-4X 10' 6" - 5 wt. switch rod

Over the years I've owned a few rods in the trout Spey class, plus I've tried a fair number of them and was always left dissatisfied. The PRO-4X 10’ 6” - 5 wt. switch rod has changed all of that. Check out this video to see what this rod can do.

I've spent about a year with this rod and it has my attention. I'd be embarrassed to reveal how many fly rods I've owned over the years and I've totally lost count of all the rods I've tried, so it takes a lot for a rod to impress me. I'm impressed with this one.

My criteria for a good trout Spey is fairly extensive:
  1. The rod has to be light enough for it to be fun to fight a small trout or bass
  2. It has to be light enough to work single handed all day
  3. It should work equally well with two hands or with one
  4. It should be equally effective, Spey or overhead casting
  5. It should fish wets, nymphs and streamers effectively plus manage dries should a hatch start
  6. It should let me high stick nymph without needing an arm transplant afterward
  7. It should be able to cast its rated weight in a trout line a reasonable distance
  8. It should be able to handle a reasonably broad range of lines so that it isn't a one trick pony
  9. It should be able to cast for distance when needed

This rod ticks all of those boxes and then some.