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Relationship between running line and turnover

I’ve been out recently testing how light a line my NRX 15' 10/11 ca handle. I went down as low as a 7/8 Airflo Scandi 480 plus a floating polyleader. It was interesting the extent to which the running line influenced the turnover at maximum casting distance.

Up to 90’ the turnover was normal, however as I pushed past that the cast started to collapse. This is not surprising when trying to cast a very light line on a rod.

With the 30 lb. running line, everything laid out straight until about half way along the head when it ran out of gas and the front taper, polyleader and mono all ended up in a heap. When I cast the same head and leader setup using 20lb. running line the same distance, the turnover was pretty good.

Basically what was happening here, the drag and inertia of the 30lb. running line sucked the energy out of the cast, causing the collapse of the tip and leader. The lighter 20lb. running line, having less drag and inertia, allowed the head to retain enough energy to complete the turnover.

This is something worth remembering when we’re struggling to cast shooting heads and ploy leaders to a maximum distance. Any turnover problems experienced may not necessarily lie with the head and the polyleader setup.