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The season is about to start

Reports of a few fish trickling in has me itching to get out with the steelhead gear. Yesterday I dusted off the 15 footer for some ‘armed practice’ and discovered some not unexpected rust on the shoulders. The older I get, the more the rust accumulates before each season.

This year, I’m going to give a good effort in fishing only floating lines. I’ve been tying flies to suit, prepping hooks, while trying to disengage myself from my warmwater fishing. The smallies and carp are still out there, so my attention is getting divided.

My local river doesn’t really need sinktips or full sinkers until the level get high so there’s no reason why we can’t fish it with a floater and long leader when flow rates are more moderate. I have ben fishing high drag, slow sink flies with a modest sinktip, so this year, the flies will be fast sink, low drag and the leaders long. I can always return to the high drag stuff if the results are not there, but methinks I’ll be sticking with the floater for a while, come hell but not high water.