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Changing of the Guard

I had the pleasure of attending the Forum Spey Sherbrooke spey clave, helping out in the G. Loomis booth. The clave was a great success, well attended and organized.

However, I did notice one aspect that differed from other claves I attended and that was in the audience itself. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of young women in attendance. While the male attendees tended to be greying or worse, the female side we’re represented by a much younger crowd. At least in Quebec, the women’s side of the sport seems to be an important growth segment.

Salmon angling has always had a large female contingent and the record UK fish is held by a very famous female angler,
Georgina Ballantine. Salmon angling has always had a reputation for a more refined, cultural atmosphere and perhaps that’s the reason for Quebec’s success.

Women’s class:


Men’s class: