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The G, Loomis PRO-4X Short Stix and Predator at Cape Cod

Just back after two weeks on the Cape. What a tough two weeks with northeast an easterly winds blowing for the first week and high winds the second. We had a hard time finding fish, but those we did find were worth the effort.

Most of the smaller fish were in the 20” to 23” in class, and though very nice to catch, the lack of smaller fish were a concern. Worse, there were very few of them with our total catch per person in the single digits.

I did get the opportunity to give the G. Loomis Short Stix and Predator a workout and the video on these rods can be seen

Here’s two fish of mine that did make the trip worthwhile, the first at 32” and the second a personal best of 37 ¾”. The first one was caught on the PRO-4X Short Stix 9/10 wt. while the second was caught on my PRO-4X 9’ 9 wt. The line used in both cases was the older model Airflo 40+ Cold Water Salt 10 wt. and the fly was a small sand eel pattern of my own concoction. I fished it in a “match the hatch” situation.