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Sorting things out Part II

Redesigned my tube flies to set the hook farther back, add material close to the hook, and end all materials at the gape of the hook. Well, the first hit on the new design turned into a hookup and a landed fish. Not conclusive evidence by any stretch of the imagination, but a huge improvement over eight fish hit and zero hookups from a couple of weeks ago. Since then all fish that have hit, have been brought to hand.

It’s interesting that the hits aren’t as hard as some of those recent misses, just a light grab followed by the hookup. On a couple, I would’ve sworn that I had bottom. All fish have been well hooked in or near the scissor.

The flies are simply stinger style done on a tube. None of the material extends beyond the hook gape and there is some material on the back of the tube to help the fly ride a little more level. This material tends to envelope the hook, providing a target for the fish. They bite this material, they get the hook.