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As we get older our muscles aren’t as limber as they once were. Really don’t need to tell this to anyone who is getting on in years as we all feel it when we roll out of bed or lift off a chair, but it’s funny how often we forget about it when we’re on the water.

I had been fishing hard for days and I was feeling it. Decided to change up to Skagit and a short rod as I had to resort to wearing neoprene waders (my good breathables were leaking) and they alway restrict my ability to move the body when casting long lines on big sticks. The Skagit setup didn’t need much body movement to make a cast and so it was a better choice when combined with neoprene. The day started well with casts booming out there, but within 20 minutes or so the upper back and shoulders started to seize up. When laser beam loops turned into plodding marshmallows and casts were dropping well short, I had to stop and figure out what was going wrong.

I knew better, but I had started the day without limbering up the back, arms and shoulders. Now I was paying for it. The damage was done and the only alternative was to reel in some running line and content myself with the shorter casts.

Avoid the shoulder, arm and back aches by taking a minute to stretch and warm up. When things do tighten up and the casting goes south, stop. Don’t pound the casts harder as things will only get worse. Take a break, stretch, rest, drink some water then have at it once more.