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Tim Rajeff on distance casting

Here's an interesting video from Tim Rajeff on distance casting techniques. I do some of this stuff that he talks about and it really does work. More importantly from my perspective, I can fish all day at a 100' distance and not blow out my arms. Having torn a tendon in my elbow while trying a funky cast in a howling wind, I'm now much more conscious of the need for keeping our technique clean.

Being up to my butt in water dos impact how effective all of this can be, but even if we only get part of the weight transfer and the body twist working, it will add distance. Good double haul technique is the other crucial element. Getting the timing right and getting our haul hand back up on the backcast, makes a huge difference. For fatigue free, all day casting, the haul hand should be doing the work, not the rod hand. Lastly, the backcast should be straight back with an overhead loop. Too often I see anglers sidearm their backcast. Two bad things happen from this: we lose efficiency as our backcast is not lined up with the forward cast, and the sidearm backcast becomes a Belgian cast. The worst aspect of a Belgian cast? It puts a half twist in our line. If our running line starts getting all twisted up after a number of casts, the backcast is probably going sidearm.

Check out the first part of this
video where I overhead cast a WF-5-F about 90' using a Loomis PRO-4X 10'6" 5 wt. switch rod. The drag of the current on the running line was the only thing stopping this cast from putting the backing knot up the guides. With a stripping backcast, this would've been a 100' cast. We can see how much my body rotates by the movement of the chest mounted camera.

Distance casting doesn't require hard work, just good technique and it's worth learning as it gets fish like this: