Lots of different fishing holes

Blair's Bash

I was invited by a group of guys from Ottawa and Montreal, to the Salmon River on the DSR, to do some Spey casting instruction, demonstrations and some fishing. We had a great three days of food, wine and fish. With me busy instructing, shooting stop motion video, demonstrating and just general chatting, my fishing didn’t produce any fish. With me being the “guru” it wasn’t looking to good, so during the last few hours, I ditched the mid-belly sinktip and pulled out the full sinkers. Did the job as I ended up with three, including an Atlantic grilse. Quite pleased to pick up that grilse as they’re attempting to re-establish the Atlantic population in the Salmon River and they’re starting to have some success.

Here’s our fishermen turned excellent chefs, cooking up a storm.

Some taste brats.

Looks too comfy and neat for a bunch of fishermen, eh?

Checking out the Meadows pool in the DSR.

Two anglers watched by the guide and the photog.

The photog ditched his cameras long enough to hook one.

and the happy result.

The congrats from the guide on another landed fish.

And here’s one of mine. Thanks Dan, for the photo.