Lots of different fishing holes

The Bow and the Crow

In 1997 we were installing Windows 95 in all of our offices and I wangled and exchange so that I could do some western offices while our western guy did some Toronto ones. I know, what a bargain eh!

I fished the Bow at 22X and bumped into two guys from Hamilton. We fished together and I managed a small bull trout along with a few other trout. As the light fell, the river came alive with rising trout and using a Henryville Special, I hooked into a large one only to lose it thanks to a nicked leader. I had stepped on it earlier and neglected to change it.

Also fished the Little Stauffer (North Raven) for little trout and had fun stalking past the cows.

A view from Head Smashed In buffalo jump.

The Frank Slide in the distance.

Hwy 3.

The Crowsnest River

A small rainbow from the Crowsnest. What was interesting about this one -- a much larger rainbow followed it in as I was fighting it. I think he was contemplating lunch.