Lots of different fishing holes

Byng Inlet 1997

I like pike fishing and I do it too infrequently, mostly because I’ve never owned a boat. Much of the best pike fishing up north requires a boat to get where the fish are. Going to a lodge that offered rental boats seemed the logical alternative. We arranged for a trip to Byng Inlet with Greg, my son Scott and me hoping for major trophies and shore lunches. We did not do too badly, in part because we arranged for Byrne, the local guide, to shepherd us to the best locations. He had no faith in us fly flingers and he had Scott towing spoons to make sure we had a shore lunch. Just to be a pita, while Byrne is making lunch, I take Scott’s rod and catch a nice, edible pike on a fly right in front of Byrne’s fire.

Some of the absolutely beautiful country of the Canadian Shield.

Scott with our shore lunch. Byrne had him towing spoons for these two as he figured us fly flingers where about to get skunked.

Greg with a nice one -- on a fly!!!! So there Byrne.

Scott and Greg waiting for lunch. Just this side of the boat in the foreground, I landed a pike on a fly, just to prove a point. Byrne’s dog Brutus is in the picture and that’s one smart fishing dog. When we’d hook a fish, he’d get all excited, but if the fish was lost, we’d get a growl from him and he’d head off to the other end of the boat, ignoring us until we figured out how to fish.

Byrne preparing his fantastically good pike shore lunch. Cold water pike are DELICIOUS!

Scott with a nice one, caught on a fly on Byrne’s boat. Fitting!

Scott about to release one of mine.

Boat landing.

Greg taking a picture of me taking a picture.

Greg surprised me with this photo as I stared at the scenery, contemplating life.

One of my fish.