Lots of different fishing holes

Cape Cod 2004

The trip where getting towed was the highlight, that and a huge fish lost. I had the fish of a lifetime take very, very deep into my backing. Unfortunately it didn’t run out to sea, rather it ran along the shoreline and behind Greg and John who were standing out on a sandbar. The fish was about to run out of room and no doubt would’ve turned out, wrapping the line around them. I put on the brakes and hoped for the best. A few massive head shakes later there was nothing. I began reeling, reeling, reeling until my line appeared. Good thing that wasn’t lost. Then the leader and the fly showed up; the 2/0 SS hook opened up by that fish.

John and Greg waiting for the tide to turn at Morris Island.

Greg, the two fisted fly caster.

This is what happens when the ignition key is so badly worn that it won’t turn the ignition to the start position.