Lots of different fishing holes

Cape Cod 2010

This year we tried a new cottage near Wellfleet. Just as close to the beach as the old one, but nicer, with three bedrooms instead of two.

Fishing was slow at first, but picked up as the week went along. I ended up with the best of the week at 31” which isn’t a really big fish by the standards of the Cape.

One of the funniest moments occurred just after I released the big one. Greg comes over to talk about it and while we’re chatting, my fly is being rolled back and forth by the waves. Don’t I suddenly feel a weight in the wash. I figure a big clump of weeds has snared my line, but no, it was a 15” schoolie. What a surprise. Who would’ve thought that a fly rolling back and forth in the wash would attract a fish.

Pemet River was a bit of a bust with only a few schoolies to our credit. The beach produced a few fish, but no big numbers. One thing we’re noticing is a decline in the number of schoolies, perhaps due to the increase in the seal population. That’s not a good sign for the future. Killer whales, anyone?

Here’s the 31 incher.

Caught off the beach at Wellfleet.

Who is that masked man?

On the way to the water.