Lots of different fishing holes

Cape Cod 2012

This year we had much warmer weather, so much so, that we worried about it being too warm. Size of fish was down but numbers were up over last year. Previously we were getting a bit worried about the lack of schoolies and we’re glad to report that they’re back. With the exception of one lost by Scott, no big fish were to be had at Morris Island, though I lost a decent blue -- bitten off of course.

Nauset Beach seriously sucked thanks to changes in the beach shape which produced a dearth of deeper water in the surf. Despite a lot of effort, we didn’t produce a single fish off the surf. Saw no bird activity and even the seals weren’t there in great numbers. Maybe the great whites are having an effect?

The DTX 12’ shooting head rod performed admirably and it has become my all time favourite two-hander for stripers. Very light and easy casting that let me get away with casting all day and no soreness, even for these old shoulders. See the video of it here.


Pleasant Bay was excellent in the evening, but the lack of wind produced millions of noseeums who proceeded to munch on us. One evening I was having a field day with the fish, but had to call it quits before the bugs drove me mad. Despite the bugs I became the Hickory Shad champ as my small flies acoount for few dozen of them. Just wished I’d have been using a 6 wt. for them as they were quickly overwhelmed by the big sticks.


Pemet River produced a handful of fish, really not worth the trip, and Herring Cove produced an ofer. Greg kept threatening to fish the canal. but he never did. Too bad as it would’ve be good for at least one of us to bang something of decent size and the canal looked like the only likely area.


We alo tried to find some new spots, but the horrendous parking fees kept us away. Obviously the locals are out to make life expensive for visitors. Somebody should remind them that the local economy is wholy dependent on tourism.

The cottage was very nicely appointed and roomy. We’ll be back.