Lots of different fishing holes

Cape Cod 2011

Cape Cod 2011 will be known for two things: Colin, my cousin, flying over from England to fish and the big winds. Seems like everyday was a gale going in different directions. The spring has been quite cold and late, so everything was late, including the fish. The water was frigid. Once I felt the water in a number of spots, I knew we were in for a long week. Nevertheless, we had fun.

IMGP0212 - Version 2
Nice Morris Island bass a shade under 30”. Took it on a sand eel pattern, 40+ clear intermediate line and a Mackenzie DTX 12’ shooting head rod, that I used all week.

Collin at Morris Island using my 9 wt.

Sample of the big winds: the spray being blown off the wave tops and the woman hanging on to her hat for dear life.

DSCN0329 - Version 2
Dave prowling the beach looking for schools of bass. On one day we had such clear water conditions that we could see the bass cruising by 60’ to 100’ out. Only a few were coming close to feed, as most just churned their way north, staying out of the surf.

Dave with a cruiser he spotted a fair ways out. Unfortunately he lost it close to shore.

Colin in the foreground, Dave in the background, working the surf at Nauset beach.

IMGP0244 - Version 2
Me casting the Mckenzie 12 shooting head rod.

I also hooked a cruiser at the very end of a long cast so had some fun in the fight bringing it close. This fish was one of those cruisers just boogying past. Had to have the fly in the right place and at the right to hook one.

Me backing up the shore as I walked the fish in on an incoming wave.

And the nice fat bass landed.