Lots of different fishing holes

Cape Cod 1999

Having read many posts and stories on striper fishing in Cape Cod, I just had to try it. I made a round trip out of it by first going back to the Rapid, then heading south through Boston to get onto the Cape. I stopped in at a couple of fly shops, bought flies, maps and got directions to some decent fishing spots. Most of my fishing was done off of the beach or Pleasant Bay.

I fished long and hard for three days without catching a thing. I had set myself the goal of catching one striped bass. That’s all I wanted, just one. I did miss one in the surf where the first picture was taken, but that had been it.

A novel experience to be fishing the same beach as sun bathers.

The sun was setting on my third day and I was getting ready to call it, when this little guy decided to sacrifice himself to make my goal.

A woman walking by stopped to talk to me about the fish and took these pictures of me with my first striped bass.