Lots of different fishing holes


Many people love the Catt, but it has not been kind to me. I always seem to be there on the wrong day. You know the feeling. Some local says, “You should’ve been here last week!” That’s the Catt when I go there.

Ya, I hook fish, but never the numbers or the size the locals report. They could be spinning me a tale, but too many people say the same thing. This fish was nothing special, but worth the picture given my results.

Is it just me? No, because my friends suffer the same fate when they’re with me. OK, so I’m a Catt jinx. Lesson for everyone. Don’t accompany me to the Catt for my miserable fate will befall you.

Penns02 6
Nice bend on the reservation.

Penns02 7
Some of the ‘traffic’. The Catt can be a busy place.

18 Mile Creek 01 4

The interesting geology of the Cattaraugus. That tiny blob in the middle bottom left is Greg. Gives scale to the size of the gorge.