Lots of different fishing holes

Gaspé in September

Always wanted to try my hand at something bigger than landlocked Atlantic salmon and I had my chance finally to fish three rivers in the Gaspé: the Dartmouth, the York, and the St. Jean.

Dave L. and I took the week off to drive down. We used Ann Smith outfitting, who did a great job of keeping us organized, and she fixed up with the legendary guide, Austin Clark.

Austin looking on as Dave casts to a bunch of fish in a deep, slow pool on the York.

Dave casting on the York.

Austin taking a break.

BIG salmon just sitting there, ignoring everything we threw at them. I picked up a grilse and lost one in this pool.

Austin and Dave at the Keg Pool where I hooked and lost my 25 lb. salmon

Me casting in a lovely spot at the Bluff Pool on the St. Jean. This run was full of fish who ignored everything we chucked except for one that came up and inhaled Dave’s bomber, but he missed it.

A better shot of the Bluff Pool. Should’ve brought the 2 hander down from the car as the 11 footer was tapping out.

The Bluff Pool with Dave tossing his bomber.

Me on the Dartmouth casting to no fish in this run.

Another shot looking down the run on the Dartmouth.

Awkward pool to fish on the Dartmouth, a big, very slow, very deep bend with a few lazy fish, sandwiched between very shallow riffles that had no fish. Tough place to get a good presentation.