Lots of different fishing holes

Hyde County, NC

Opened my big mouth and got myself into a bet, fly vs. gear for largemouth bass. The bet was a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and I had to drive 1,700 km to Hyde County to put my bottle where my mouth was.

Just before I arrived, a huge storm blew through, temperatures dropped considerably and predictably, the fishing stunk. I managed to lose a few bass, Jim got a couple, while Jeff found where the bass had gone to hide from the weather. His hoots and hollers from his gheenoe had Jim and me plotting his dunking.

Jim with a small bass that he caught on his first cast, after which he didn’t manage much.

We also took Jeff’s boat to this little, flooded creek where we managed dozens of hickory shad. A lot of fun with plenty of aerobatics.

Jeff with one a few stripers (rock fish as they call them) that we caught that day. The stripers were in the rivers and estuaries along with other species and I was surprised to have a fly ripped off by a pike. Jim made a comment about, “a jack” and it took a bit of translation to figure that it was a pike. My only triumph on the trip occurred when the the guys figured trolling their Rapalas was the best idea so I hung a clouser on the end of a Type 6 full sink, got lower than they did and caught the only fish on the troll.