Lots of different fishing holes

Lower Credit River 1993 to the present

The lower Credit River is known for its steelhead and chinook salmon fishing. In the fall during salmon season, the river can be packed with anglers, but with that season over and winter approaching, it can be a very pleasant place to fish.

My faithful 1256 Lamiglas and Salmon No. 1 with a 300 grain head and a poly leader. This rig took a fair number of fish for me.

Scott fishing the pool below Burnamthorpe. That big tree in the background has been washed away and the pool has changed significantly.

The Credit can get packed, but soon as the snow flies, we can have it to ourselves. Lovely place to fish in the winter, providing it’s not iced over.

Scott with a salmon on the line.

One of my fresh bucks.

A really bright hen.

Another buck moments after release. Don’t worry, it swam away strongly. The rocks momentarily put it off balance.

A nice spring steelhead taken April 18, 2011 on a DDC intermediate plus S2/3 tip and a Willie Gun, using the 12’ DTX shooting head rod.

The water was high and fast so much of the fishing was either from the bank of against the bank as shown here. Casting involved a bent D Single to keep the backcast out of the stream side willows. I had taken a hen out of this run the previous week.