Lots of different fishing holes

Maitland River 2000 to the present

The Maitland River is a spate river that flows into Lake Huron through the town of Goderich, Ontario. It’s a very attractive river with runs of chinook, steelhead and is also noted for its great smallmouth fishing.

DSC00880 - Version 2
A nice, bright hen taken below the Hwy 21 bridge. Water was quite low so the fishing was tough.

View of the river upstream of Goderich.

Looking upstream into the haze.

One of a dozen I caught while fishing for steelhead. This was the smallest. Why I took a picture of it and not the big ones is beyond me. All were caught on the Weamer as can be seen by the fly hanging out of its mouth. I should rename this fly ‘Smallmouth Candy”.