Lots of different fishing holes

Rapid River 2001

What timing for a R.O.F.F. clave on the Rapid -- 911. My birthday was the day before and we were all supposed to celebrate at Lakewood. After the initial shock, we heard that the borders had been closed and we couldn’t get across. Later things opened up and we arrived a day late.

My wife had a special cake made that was a surprise to me and her one fear was that U.S. Customs would bayonet the cake. She obviously had watched too many Hollywood border escapes.

Dave and I taking the lazy way to the river.

My fish cake! Seemed very awkward to be celebrating a birthday and having fun with the gang while the fires at the Twin Towers still burned.

Dave had bought me a 25 yr. old Macallans for my birthday, but since we weren’t sure we were going to make it, they cracked it open. By the time I got there, the bottle only had a few dregs left. At least I got a taste.

You can imagine what the porch chatter was all about.

Paul (on the left) had pinched this sign for Dave since he is such a diehard nymph fisher.

Dave about to release my brookie. I was fishing for togue with big clousers and kept getting small fish. One landlock was barely bigger than the clouser.

Dave with a very nice brookie.

Me fishing the Second Current. It’s odd that we don’t get much fishing this side, but do well when fishing off of the island. Skittering a caddis always raises a landlock.