Lots of different fishing holes

Rapid River 1999

Having had such a good time in ’98 I had to go back the next year, however, this time with a difference. I was continuing on to Cape Cod after three days on the Rapid.

A good picture of the dam at the head of the Rapid.

Dave landing a nice brookie off of the wing dam.

Me on the left with the two Daves, Dave L. in the middle and Dave T. with the R.O.F.F. shirt.

The previous fall had seen a hilarious encounter with the two Daves before they had met personally. Both conversed via R.O.F.F. and both independently decided to fish the Rapid on the same week without the knowledge of the other. Both told this story on R.O.F.F. without the other being aware of it.

Dave L. is fishing the wing dam area out of a row boat while Dave T. had waded across to the island. This was the moose rutting season and big bulls do wander around the camp. Dave L. in the boat begins waiving his arms frantically at Dave L. on the island. Dave L. thinks that there’s a lunatic in that boat. At some point, Dave L. gets the feeling he’s being watched and turns to find a big, drooling bull moose standing just a few feet behind him. Dave L. is a big guy wearing big brown waders and that nearsighted bull, upon seeing that broad expanse of brown butt, was getting amorous.

At this point, Dave L. in the boat being ever helpful, drops down into the boat howling with laughter. Dave T. now figures that there’s a sadistic lunatic in that boat. A standoff between Dave T. and the moose ensues with all sorts of drooling noises emanating from it. Dave T. gets the bright idea of lighting up a cigarette and he blowing smoke into the bull’s face. On the second billow, the moose decides the “pheromones” coming off of that “cow” wasn’t his cup of tea and he left.

Both post this story on R.O.F.F. told from there perspective and neither was aware of the other’s thread until I linked them up. Of course, that meant we had to go fishing the following spring.