Lots of different fishing holes

Rennie's River, St John's

Had a business trip to St. John’s Newfoundland and took the opportunity to do some fishing. I called ahead to find out what my chances were and the fly shop informed me that I was too early for salmon, which left the Rennie’s River for trout. I had no problem with that except that when I got there, I found that Rennie’s “River” was little more than a creek and in places, it looked more like a drainage ditch. Despite it’s appearances, it was full of small browns and higher up, there brookies. Half way in between a fluvarium had been built on the river and the pictures below were shot through the glass of the fluvarium. The fish in the pictures are “brownkies”, hybrids of browns and brookies, and they may be fertile. Not supposed to happen, but there they are.

One cute incident with these little browns; I’m fishing a dry when a little brown of about 6” hits it . . . while it had a smaller brown of about 3” stuffed in its gullet, with the tail hanging out of its mouth. The greedy little thing wasn’t satisfied with the 3” brown, it had to have my fly as well. During the release, it lost its prize, so it ended up with nothing but a sore jaw. The reward of gluttony.

A “brownkie” shot through the glas of the fluvarium.

Another shot of the same fish.